Monday, January 28, 2008

Flying into cyberia

Did I ever think I'd be writing my own web log someday? Nope! But who knows what new idea lies just around the corner, waiting to be picked up.

A meeting with kindred spirit Jessica Srivastava triggered something and here I am. Holding on to the thought that this is a good thing, the way to go. Now I can casually say something like Oh yeah, check out my blog for more on me. Nice.

So what's more on me? Hmm. That's a hard one. I'm a private person, blog and all. Still, I'm here for a reason. And I do need a platform that better showcases my work and where I can receive comments and suggestions. Something that will keep my mind always active with ideas. Ideas about art, about writing, about life.

What it comes to is this: I want to be a full time WAHM. That's Workt-At-Home-Mom for those who don't know. I'm a part time WAHM now. That is, I'm a full time mommy, but a part time writer and editor. I want to do more writing and editing, and much more art.

And this is where I'll sound off about it all!

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