Sunday, February 3, 2008

A busy few days

Last few days I've been fleshing out this blog with this and that. It's been fun adding stuff to it - making links etc. but I had my hands full with other things as well. And of course, that's on top of taking care of my little BabyDonut, who's been turning into an Inchworm lately with a cute half-crawl, half-creep sidle. I do Attachment Parenting with her, so I'm there for her always, which means I give her all my time when she's up, and she hardly sleeps. So any work I do for myself is usually relegated to the times when I should be asleep! It's getting better though, and I'd rather not compromise on her care anyway.

I was working on designing some logos for a friend the last couple of days of January, and I'm hoping she'll be able to use them. Maybe I'll put those designs on my blog too, later on. My back went out for a few days after that - it has a nasty habit of doing this when I strain it too much. Actually it works in my favor, really, since when it goes out it leaves me with no choice but to take some rest (relatively speaking).

Anyhow, I used that time to think about what I want to do for the annual Pelham Art Show that I take part in every May. Didn't last year though - our BabyBirdie was born that week. I had planned a home birth but after a few hours of labor the midwife determined a need for intervention, and it ended up being a C-section in the hospital. So taking part in any shows that week was out. This year I hope I can show something different. The last time I showed, I had made a whole bunch of black and white drawings that were really fun to do. This year I want to play with texture. Who knows what will come out of that - there are exciting things happening in my head!

I need to figure out what ink and paper to use for the Photoshop images I just made. Check out these leaves. They'll make cool note cards, I think. I may even keep some around at the art show - many other artists sell cards with their work there, and these would be great for any occasion - I think!

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manusuccess said...

Hi Azra,

I understand, i feel like ive been running and running,but loving much good coming my way, but just gotta fina balance in all things. good to see you doing this...jess