Thursday, March 20, 2008

The speed of life

So many things have happened since I last checked in here that I feel stretched and spread out in time. We had out first experience with an ill Chunky-Monkey. With nine months of not even a sniffle it was scary to see her wake up vomiting one night. The culprit: stomach flu that DaddyBoy presumably brought home. ( A few days previously he was complaining of an uneasy feeling and said there was an epidemic going on at his place of work). After a couple of hours of several bouts of throwing up we decided to make a trip to the emergency department. It was snowing and dark at 5.30 a.m. and the poor baby had to be bundled up on top of her jammies. We spent about six hours at the hospital, with X-rays, blood tests and lots and lots of waiting around. Back home we monitored her constantly, trying to keep her fluid intake up. She looked like a spent little doll, but did not cry once. She also slept like I had never seen, and every couple of hours we woke her to put a few teaspoons of electrolyte down her throat. My heart was in my mouth for three days and nights I was so sick with worry. The poor little critter looked so helpless but we were amazed at how well she was taking it. It's a blessing to have such a good-tempered, patient baby but what a learning experience it was for us.

All this had to happen the very morning we were flying to Houston to visit my brother. DaddyBoy and I both thought this was a sign that we were not to go that day, something my brother also echoed when I was finally able to call and tell him we wouldn't be at the airport in Houston. Anyway, we went the next week and I'm still there. We made it through baby's first airplane journey right after her first illness.

It's a good thing babies are tougher than they appear, or they wouldn't be able to endure what their parents put them through.

Meanwhile, here's something I was working on a while ago...

I'm thinking cards, but also cushions, if turned sideways...?

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