Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Adding bling to blah

Well, a teeny weeny amount of bling.

We moved into our first home last year and it needed a lot of painting, not because the walls were in bad shape but because they were so depressingly dull yellow and green everywhere.

We chose a soft blue called French Gray for the living room and it turned out quite well. One wall looked like it lacked a little something, though. What would be cheap and easy?

I got out some white pearl paint left over from another project. I mixed this with the wall latex about 1:1 in proportion and got a nice pearly blue.

Next, I quickly drew some donut shapes floating down from one corner and then just filled them in with my paint mixture. The result is subtle and classy and gets noticed without at all being in-your-face.

I like it!


Unknown said...

Hello Azra

It is Phil Curtis (friend of Jessica's). I have to comment on the high aesthetic level of your photograph and the creativeness behind it.

I like your blog, and Jessica's as well. I wish you success.

Unknown said...

Thanks Phil!

That wall gets a lot of compliments, but it was truly the simplest and easist thing to do.

Glad you like the blog :)