Thursday, April 10, 2008

The benefits of TV

None that I can think of really. Maybe an enduring memory here and there but certainly not worth the many wasted hours of vicarious living. Definitely not good for a baby, in my opinion. I'd much rather spend time talking and playing with my BubbleToes than plonk her in front of the thing I'd much rather just get rid of.

However, I guess I can thank television for my above-mentioned enduring memory: an Energizer Battery commercial where the Energizer Bunny is playing tennis with Michael Chang. After an endless volley Chang pants "Don't you ever give up?" "Nope!" says the cheeky bunny. I loved that ad for the bunny being so sassy and um, energized.

Apparently this commercial didn't run in North America or else North-American, raised-on-a-staple-diet-of-TV-and-video-games DaddyBoy somehow missed it, because he has no memory of it. But then, he has no idea who Michael Chang is, either.

Oh well.

While on the subject of memories, here's an old watercolor (sorry for the terrible picture), one of a pair actually, that I did years ago but still remember the feel of the paper turning a beautiful turquoise under my fingers. So lovely to be lost in a painting....and I am now feeling the urge to revisit all my favorite blues.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Michael Chang either, perhaps he was only big from where ever you came from. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with television but there is such a thing as too much television. I don't believe that "plonking" your kids in front of the tv is a good thing either but it can help out when you're extremely busy.

Just limit the amount of time your kids watch television.

Unknown said...

I like a good movie once in a while myself - I just don't watch anything if the baby is up. She's going to get her share of multimedia anyhow - it's not like she can escape it - but I'd rather have her social skills in place first so she learns natural ways of interacting with people and the environment.