Saturday, April 12, 2008

Works in progress

This blog, for one. Is a work in progress, I mean. Might be a good idea to LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT I HAVE ONE!!! This is the reason no one knows about what I do.

Oh, the things I need to learn!

Other works in progress: a set of chair pictures, or Spring pictures featuring a chair. Why a chair? Well, I always enjoy making perspective views of interiors when I do a design assignment, and for some days I've been wanting to feature furniture in my paintings. I did do some whimsical looking interior scenes in watercolor a long while ago but moved on to other things and forgot about them. Now I want to do them again but in a different way altogether and I guess this is a start.

I made one watercolor and then played with PhotoShop to make four versions. It was fun!

This is what I started with:

And this is post-PhotoShop:


Anonymous said...

Oh this art is so cool! I'd focus on my art some more but I suck! Do you do a lot of art exhibits??

Unknown said...

Lot of art exhibits? ha ha. Sorry, I couldn't resist that :)

Thank you for finding my stuff cool.

Maybe one day I WILL do a lot of art exhibits!