Monday, May 5, 2008

The art of writing

Although science plays a big part, the heart of writing has got to be the art of writing. You can have all your verbs and tenses right, but if your words don't sing through the page, if they don't explode in your brain, if they don't astonish you, delight you, fill you with wonder then the heart, and the art, is lacking.

Sometimes I have struggled to find one word, just one, and other times words roar out of me so fast I can barely get them down. These are the moments when some glorious insight suddenly reveals itself and it's like a torrent of clear water tearing through a mist. Sadly, many epiphanies of this sort have lately happened when I couldn't possibly stop what I was doing and sit down and write the words. But they were there, and that gives me courage. At least they were there; at least I can hope that they will come again. And maybe then I will be able to capture them

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