Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beauty at a click of the mouse

One look at the kind of painting, drawing and craftwork there is online and you can be humbled for life. I see such an abundance of such amazing talent that I wonder how I could ever compete. People are making wonderful, wonderful, incredible things with their hands. They must all be so beautiful, these people, to have such beauty pour out of them.

I don't know what art is. Truly, I don't. I know what makes me happy to look at is art for me. But everybody has a different opinion on this. The Tate Gallery, for instance. Dead sheep would never make it to my list of must-see things. I don't like to see something that makes me go 'Ugh'.

So I'm happy to have this vast treasury of beautiful things right at my fingertips. Long live happy art!


musicgal4 said...

Azra - you're absolutely right about art. Having just returned from Paris (on Monday), I felt thoroughly overwhelmed with the Louvre. So much talent (during their day) by so many 'masters'. However (and curse me for being uncultured), after four hours it all began to look the same to me. On the other hand, a casual 15 minute stroll through the beautiful Jardins de la Tuilleries, and stepping into L'Orangerie absolutely took my breath away. I would not have called myself a fan of Monet before this, but seeing his Waterlilies collection laid out so beautifully made me want to cry. THIS is where I would rather have spent my time. We came out of L'Orangerie feeling calm, refreshed and ... fulfilled.

And of course, there's fashion. In Paris, anything goes. What is fashion (and beauty) to some would never be seen on others. How I wish we were all so free to display our own fashion sense.

Unknown said...

Monet's Waterlilies series has always been my favorite. It's sublime isn't it? Lucky for you to see it in Paris!

As for the Louvre, I think after four hours of it I'll probably be glassy-eyed as well!

Thanks for sharing.