Thursday, May 8, 2008

One day to go

The Pelham Art Festival starts tomorrow, and I'm still painting. After I'm done, I'll still have barely enough work to fill the space they will allot me. Even a couple of days ago I was thinking, " Can I possibly do this? Should I back out?" But I made a commitment, even if it means fewer pieces to display. I had about two weeks to put everything together - paintings, business cards, promo handouts. I painted with the baby InchWorm in one arm, cooked with a paintbrush clamped between my teeth, and smeared paint on canvas with my hands to speed things up. Somewhere in between I designed two different business cards and two different promo handouts and then printed the ones DaddyBoy gave his approval to, since I was too bug-eyed by then to tell the difference between "OK" and "Meh".

It's hard to explain how much my life has been impacted by tendinitis. It poses a constant challenge, every day, in the most mundane activities, and until a couple of months ago it was still too hard for me to do anything with a brush or a pen. Going to Houston was good for my hands because it gave me a break from my regular activities, but in a moment of reckless abandon I went and extended my stay. It was only when I got back to Canada that my brain went, "Whoa, what now?"

We'll find out tomorrow!

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