Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to lose the muse

doesn't need to be taught, I can happen all on its own, sadly.

I lost mine when I packed away my paint things because we were having visitors and I couldn't leave it all on the dining table, could I? So I had to put it all away and somehow it continued to stay there. Well, I kept seeing all these pictures in my head, but my art material not exactly being at hand, I couldn't paint them out. And one by one, my thoughts got all muddled up. I should have written them down at least, or just pulled out my stuff and painted, but there was always something else I had to take care of and I couldn't.

Sounds idiotic, but that's what happened.

I really wish I had a designated area where I could let my materials stay out so I could access them whenever I wanted. It's not fair to my muse to not give it even that.

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