Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blast from the past

Just a cool breeze actually!

OK, so I'm not getting many opportunities to paint these days, but I keep thinking of what I'd paint if I had the time. Among other things, I want to paint more interior scenes, like I did a long time ago. They were just whimsical little pieces - not at all anatomically correct, but so much fun!

Here's one of them; this was probably the first one I did back then. I don't have the original anymore, and this is just a scan of the original's photograph, so it's already twice removed, so to speak. On top of that I Photoshopped it just a little to correct the colors, so now it's a version of a version of a version, and therefore, uhh...really unique.


I can't wait for the day the little MoonBug can sit and paint with me, if she turns out to like painting, that is.

I had yet another person tell me I 'should let her cry it out' when she cries. Will this ever stop???

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying her tremendously. I still can't get over the fact that this beautiful little creature is mine. What can I say, I just adore her!

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