Thursday, July 17, 2008

A color for all seasons

This afternoon, as I paced our bedroom with the little BabyWorm dozing on my shoulder, I looked at the window and for a second I thought the colors from the tree outside had melted and were dripping down in green rivulets. Of course, it was nothing of the sort. Not sure why I got that sudden flash. Anyhow, this weird thought led to an observation: every curtain in our house is a shade of white. Not only that, each one is a white-on-white design, although they are all different and were bought at different times.

I realize now that I never even looked for colored material when I bought the curtains. I just zoomed in on the white fabrics every single time, without conscious thought. And I know if I were to buy more curtains they would be...white!

If I were to analyse this instinctive gravitation towards white (I am not limited to window coverings in this) I can say this: White is classy, cool, soothing, and such a wonderful backdrop for colors. All my china is white, and food looks fabulous on it. All our walls would have been white too if DaddyBoy didn't have a say. My bed sheets are always white. I love white rugs, white furniture, white lamps. I adore white clothes on the BabyBug.

My dream space, where I have this huge table in a sun-drenched room, is white on white on white.

And guess what? I'm wearing white as I type this.

All this, and I absoloutely love color, especially what i call 'juicy' colors. DaddyBoy makes fun of me for choosing things like toothpaste based on whether or not the color looks yummy.


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