Sunday, July 6, 2008

My spices are here!

I found a bag hanging on our door today - four little jars from Victorian Epicure - the company I ordered from at the spice party.

Inside were Cuban, Thai, Satay and Taco dry spice blends...quite different from what I thought I'd ordered, so it was a nice surprise.

Can't wait to try the Satay blend - I remember the unbelievably colorful street markets of Singapore and Malaysia, and the scrumptious satay sauce...yum. It was such a wonderful trip, and although 10 years (what?) have passed, the sights and colors are still vibrant in my head. In one meal at one of the outdoor food courts I remember having about six varieties of fish, each cooked to perfection. I wish I had pictures of the street markets, though...all that profusion of color, light and texture.

Maybe I can go there again some day, but for now I have my spices!

I already tried the Cuban with some beef that I marinated with orange juice. The Taco spice I used on some tilapia with lemon juice and a tiny bit of cilantro, and the Thai went into some fried rice. I usually make all my spice blends from scratch so it was cool to just open the jar, shake out the spice, and be done!

And they were good, too!

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