Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breastfeeding Week - August 1 - 7

Our weekly carried a tiny piece about the benefits of breastfeeding in honor of Breastfeeding Week. It was too small and too focused on newborns. But it was there. I talked to the editor of a local chain of newspapers here about writing a column on Attachment Parenting and bresatfeeding but he wasn't thrilled with the idea. There's such a dire need for education in this area, though.

I have had new mommies tell me they switched to formula because 'breast milk is useless after the first few days', or weeks or months (rare) and veteran mommies look at me disapprovingly for 'still breastfeeding!?' and for refusing to give BubbleToes commercial baby cereal. Sometimes I feel the only support I will ever find is in virtual groups and communities on line. No one in my immediate vicinty seems to support a natural way of bringing up the baby, and many are antagonistic to it.

There's tons of good information about this on the internet, but very little of it is disseminated by people who have the power and opportunity to do so - doctors, people who run pre-natal classes, and grandparents.

DaddyBoy always tries to stop me from speaking about this. I may offend someone! OK - it's possible a few feathers may get ruffled. I think it's a risk worth taking if it means even a few people opened their hearts and minds to the difference it would make to their kids, and as a result, the whole society.

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