Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kazuo Ishiguro

When I do read any book at all, I'll read at least two at once, but I've never read two Kazuo Ishiguros at the same time. Until now, that is.

A long time ago I'd read his Remains of the Day, which I remember as a dream-like story that was funny in a tragic way. Incidentally, I really enjoyed the movie as well, something very rare if I liked the book.

The two novels I'm reading right now are When We Were Orphans, and The Unconsoled. One is downstairs, and one up, so I'm kinda alternating between the two depending on where I happen to be. I read them in snatches. Not a good idea. WWWO's protagonist seems to be skidding towards disaster, oblivious to his distorted memory. The Unconsoled reads like a nightmarish Alice In Wonderland, and it's getting bizarrer and bizarrer and all it's tunnels and dead ends are making me claustrophobic.

Next time I'll remember not to double dose on Ishiguro, so that I can do him justice.

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