Monday, August 18, 2008

Who Am I?

I am struggling to define myself as an artist. My earliest memories are of me drawing, yet somehow or the other I managed to side-track myself into everything but art, work at everything but painting. When I did paint it was only because an exhibition I wanted to take part in was looming, and I had no choice but to make good my acceptance. Then there'd be a long dry spell again. Not that I didn't enjoy it when I painted. I loved it. But it was always something I accommodated into whatever else I happened to be doing. So everytime I did paint, something different would come out, like a whole new beginning. While this was great for exploring a variety of approaches, I'm not sure what it all sums up to in the end.

Now I'm trying to find myself - pick up all those little threads and weave something personal out of it. It is very daunting, but exciting too.

While I was thinking this, I drew this picture. The scissors were lying in front of me, so I drew them. They are very badly drawn, but what the heck.

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