Saturday, September 27, 2008


I can't help it!!!!

I would like to post something everyday but between taking care of the BabyButton and the housework and with luck, getting SOME painting done, I can't seem to be able to blog as well. Somehow there's always a million things demanding my attention, not least being the interminable diapers I need to wash. I guess I could do the pail method but saving up a bunch of dirty diapers to wash later just doesn't sit well with me. I know it would all be completely air tight I guess, but I can't do it.

And I can't help running downstairs to do the dishes (and when that's done you discover the countertop needs to be cleaned, then the floor definitely needs to be swept, and then in comparison the living room looks messy, so that's next. And then you remember: What about dinner? ARRRGHHH. And of course meanwhile the baby's up.) when (if) the little Donut takes a nap. So I guess it's my fault for not having an up-to-date blog.

But there's a loophole, and I'm gonna use it!

I can make a post, and just date it whatever, no matter when I ACTUALLY create the post. And in retrospect it will look like an up-to-date blog. YAY (with many apologies)! At least that way, whatever happened that particular day gets written about.

Any complaints, anyone?


Umar Shaikh said...

I kind of made out this loophole when I last commented about your blog :)

When I wrote you a comment, there wasn't any blog till the 19th and suddenly when I check again, Wow! there were so many! :)

Heehee. Cheating, yeah! But who minds! I get to read and see your great stuff!!

Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday! :) That was the main reason I came here today! Almost forgot! :)

And Congrats on your first sale!

And a very belated Eid Mubarak!


Unknown said...

Yikes - you know my birthdate? And I no idea about yours!! Jeff and I don't do anything really, at least not on the Gregorian date, only sadaqa somewhere around the I had completely forgotten, until my parents called, and your message.

Thank you, Umaiirrr!

And thanks a million for taking the time to stop by when I know your hands must be full! Hope everything is coming along well - I WISH I was there for the big day!!!

Love and salams, and Eid Mubarak to you too!