Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Missed it!

Out of the whole week, the day that was picked for the EtsyMoms Trunk show was the one the little BabyFluffBall was getting her 15-month shots. So when the show was going on I was at the doctor's, miles away from my computer, both physically and mentally. She did very well, as usual, the poor baby. When we got home I took her out to the swings for a bit at the park around the corner. She wants to climb the jungle gym on her own (she can't even walk yet) and clamber up the slides on the slope side. And she does not want me holding her. What a little Amelia Earhart! I'm glad though. I love how adventurous she is. No matter how many pants she ruins.

I remember how patiently my own mom was constantly sewing up my clothes that I ripped jumping out of trees. Especially one particular tree (a huge mulberry - yes a tree, not a bush, with long green caterpillar-y mulberries. At least that's what we called them. VERY different from the purple blobby ones that grow on bushes, and just as yummy) back when we lived in Jaipur.

I should write a whole post just about our days in Jaipur (not that a post would even scratch the surface) but I digress...

So, yeah, I missed the show. I wasn't participating, but I did want to sit in. Not only that, I never went and checked the EtsyMoms blog afterwards to see how it went. I'm just not getting (or making) the time to do any work at my computer. The little MunchKin is so super-cute these days I can hardly tear myself away from her antics, plus it's Ramadan. That switches things around a bit. Haven't painted either, except for a couple of ACEOs - my very first. (wow, they take long for something so tiny!)

I'll put them in my next post, but here's something the little BabyDuck made, sitting in my lap. I helped her rinse the brush, but she picked the colors - her very first painting!

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