Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mr. Godzilla Man

The little BabyBubble doesn't have a whole lot of toys (we hardly buy her any coz she gets more than enough as presents) but she does have a doll and one or two stuffed animals, among other things. She's never cared for them much, except for when she spends time shaking them with great energy. Cuddle the soft critters? Forget it!

Now, though, she has discovered DaddyBoy's toy chest, so to speak. It's a plastic box filled with his playthings from way back - cars, spaceships, and Star Trek figurines. And the biggest thing of all - a big scaly ugly hard pokey Godzilla, who is....the Munchkin's new favorite.

Everyday she pulls him out. Gives him a series of tight hugs. Not sure how she manages to not hurt herself with his scaly spines. Then he has to sit up in front of her. So that she can, uh, kiss him. Again and again. Plays with his pointy tail and his pointy teeth like he was a cute furry creature, while he continues to snarl at her.

Reminds of what my mom says about me. Apparently when I was a baby and we lived in some out-flung outpost of a place, there was this watchman who looked so intimidating that everyone feared him. Big tall guy, bald, with a huge moustache and great big eyes. Well, according to my mom - he was the only person I would allow to hold me. Anybody else and I would bawl like crazy.

There was also this dog that all the kids were afraid of. One sight of him and they'd scramble for cover. Guess who was always nuzzling up to him.

Blame it on the genes, no?

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