Saturday, October 11, 2008

Break from creating

The past couple of days I've not made anything, except food, heehee. Actually one or two things came out really well and I wish I had jotted down what I did so I could share the 'recipe'. They were made in my usual way of cooking - reach out into the fridge, pull out whatever comes out, then figure out what to do with it. I can tell you, all manner of interesting things happen this way, and the food is always, well, unique! But no, really, a couple of really cool dishes were precipitated this way yesterday. Now if only I could remember them!

So I haven't painted or done anything similar. But I did do some net surfing. I want to explore printing my art on things like coasters and mirrors and bags etc. Not sure if this a good idea to begin with, but I guess I'll only know if I find out more about the process. Who to go to, what they charge, shopping costs, end price.

Meanwhile, the digital doodles I posted here I'm really happy with. Of course, there's huge room for improvement, like in my other art, but as a learning process it's pleasing me. I like the idea of not using any of the cool effects and filters in Photoshop, and just keeping it only down to the brush, ersaer, and fill tool. They'd look pretty good in a contemporary, minimalist home with white decor and solid rugs in saturated colors. The kind of house that has Barcelona chairs in white leather. Yum! Or an office?

Anyway, here's to learning and exploring and having fun!

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