Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Daily Grind

Hee hee. Don't know why I called this post The Daily Grind. What does it mean, anyway? This is my day:

Wake up next to the SnuggleBug being snugglebugged and curled and squirmy and all sorts of cute bugsy things that SnuggleBugs do. Spend entire day playing, drawing, reading, signing, crawling around with her or being there when she plays by herself. Fit in the cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, feeding and nursing and eating and maybe some painting and some work on this modern addiction called the computer. Stop and pause several times in astonishment that SnuggleBugs exist and that you have one!!!! Laugh a lot. Hope the SnuggleBug will fall asleep before you fall down. Hope DaddyBoy and you can watch maybe a 1/500th part of some kung fu movie before you DO fall down.

Oh, and wash diapers.

And love it all.

This is my daily grind. I've never been happier!

Ok, yeah, my back does hurt. And don't ask about my hands.

The SnuggleBug perched on my lap while I doodled this cup. I love tea!

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