Monday, September 29, 2008

Feedback from my first Etsy customer

Selling online is a little bit different than selling person to person. You don't really know how your work will be received. Will the customer like it when it arrives? Maybe it looked good in the pictures but doesn't cut it when it gets there?

I was little nervous about my first Etsy sale, but the feedback I got just blew me away.

Here it is:

I had such a great experience purchasing my painting with Azra! She was able to give me good feedback to my questions prior to purchase, got my painting to me in no time, and added personal touches that made it even more fun. I have displayed her artwork in my business (Waterfall Day Spa) and I am looking forward to purchasing more. I have 3 locations that need artwork and I am always looking for creative new energy to surround my spaces. Thank you Azra and Thank you Etsy!

Wow! Thank YOU, Sara.

This is what she bought:

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