Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting out there

This blog is beginning to look all mish-mashy. I'll really have to clean it up soon. There's more links coming though! Here's what I did recently:

Joined Indiepublic yesterday.

Added a couple more details to my Facebook account (generously set up for me by DaddyBoy coz I'm still so wary of Facebook and I've always avoided joining it and when I did try it looked a lot more complicated than I thought, but now I have a Page AND a Profile!)

Signed up with The Hand Made Product Directory to be included in their listings.

Created an account with Project Wonderful, and got an ad ready there if ever I start bidding.

And I joined LinkdIn.

Did I paint at all? Nope!

I don't know how people post things everywhere, and blog and reply to blogs and in general keep track of what they are doing where on line. I want to put all this in place and then concentrate on making art. But I have a feeling joining groups and websites is not going to be enough. I'll have to be out there actively participating, when really I just want to be perfecting my craft.

I hope I'll learn how to juggle it all, but right now I just want to grab a brush and get all messy with paint!

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