Monday, October 27, 2008

Two more chairs, I think

I'm not sure what's going on, but for the last three days (THREE) I've been trying to put up a couple of new paintings and I JUST CAN'T!

First, something kept going wrong with the scan, so I had to scan them mutiple times, one by one. Then Photoshop kept screwing up. Somehow the image size was always ending up wrong. If I use 1000 pixels my image size goes up to 14 inches, making the file too big. If I reduce the resolution, I lose the pixels. I am just not getting the right balance with these two. And If I leave it at a reasonable compromise. it's too big to upload on Etsy. It's not too big to upload on Blogger, apparently, but when it does, it's reversing my colors. I'm not even sure how it's managing that, since I checked and double checked, and Photoshop shows them normally.

I just cleared my cache coz it wasn't even letting me sign in to Blogger initially.

Oh, and after many adjustments, when it did upload on Etsy, the image is coming up blank with a red x in the corner, but it's not failing the upload. And Blogger is uploading other images just fine, but these two chairs are still coming up with weird colors.

I've never had so much trouble with any other pictures, and I'm not doing anything different.

Maybe I should restart the laptop and see if that helps...

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