Monday, October 20, 2008

Willie Nelson sings the Blues

I don't think I've ever heard Willie Nelson play anything. I'ver heard of HIM, just never listened to him, but then I hardly ever listen to music, let alone country.

Couple of nights ago I had the very rare event of watching 15 minutes of TV happen to me, and the listings channel said something about Wynton Marsalis. I like Jazz a lot, even though I know nothing about it really, but if I happen to catch some strains of music and go "Oh, that's lovely," it's usually Jazz or Classical notes wafting through the air. So when I saw Marsalis' name I made a bee-line for that channel. The program was over in 15 minutes, but it was SWEET.

Willie Nelson was singing, and Marsalis accompanied him on his trumpet. It was amazing. Marsalis sang a little himself too, but it more like bitter-sweet banter between the two icons. It was just lovely.

When I first started watching I almost wished Sting had somehow been part of the equation, but by the end of the 15 minutes I realized what I had just seen was perfect.

It really made my day.

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