Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm back!

It's been almost a month that I last wrote. A few things happened that just stilled my heart for the longest time, and I felt frozen. I really did. Frozen at my very core. The Mumbai attacks (read Arundhati Roy's telling article), and news reports of cruelty resulting in the death of two little girls, one in the US, one in Canada, apparently by their own mothers, were among other stories of horror and hopelessness.

How do we find it in us to inflict fellow humans, let alone children with such violence that we kill them?

Such reports numb me beyond words. And I react by withdrawing into a shell. Not a good strategy - it doesn't really help me, and it certainly doesn't help anybody else. I know what I should do is find means to fight this injustice that so enrages me, but I feel too paralyzed to do anything, and that makes me feel even more pathetic. Some day, I hope I have the courage and the composure to lend my voice to the cause of kindness and justice.

Until then, I take solace in the the thought that if the world is still surviving, then surely there is more good happening here than evil, more benevolent people walking among us than those who wish to do harm. Something, somewhere is redeeming us.

I have a bunch of post titles saved up for in between, because although I could not write I did make things now and then. Mostly I spent time with my family, finding comfort in their presence, and reminding myself how much I have to be thankful for.

So I'll be filling in the gaps soon. If you are reading this, please share how your year is ending, what you learned, and what you hope for.

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