Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Write, right?

Yes, I could just write (on this blog), but it's no fun without pictures, and my @!#!#$ camera won't cooperate! It was acting really moody to begin with, and then DaddyBoy went and dropped it, twice in about 10 seconds, while we were visiting friends I hadn't seen for a year, and really wanted some pics of their little girl with our own little BabyBubble. And he's never clumsy! So I have things to show but uhh...not really, unless you have telepathic powers.

So I'm ending up not making all those posts I wanted to share, the ones I wanted to fill in for all the time I was away. Guess we'll have to go shopping.

Anyway, more importantly, the sweet little BabyWorm is turning into R2D2! She's walking! YAY!!! And it is so adorable to watch her do her robot walk. It's funny how one day she was tottering a few steps before falling down, and the next day she was walking entire room lenghts, turning and navigating. Wow! She still resorts to crawling when she wants to get somewhere really fast, like when I'm playing catch with her, or when KittyCake is :)

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