Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Color Culture - Pink City

Here's a post I did for Etsy's CraftingInColor team about color and culture. Way back, my family lived in Jaipur for about six years. The city left an edelible mark on me, and this a tribute to all my Jaipur memories.

Have you ever hesitated to use pink in your work? In the Western world pink can sometimes have a negative connotation as being frivolous or effeminate. In India, it is generally celebrated in all its manifestations, making its mark even in architecture!

Just take a look at these majestic buildings of Jaipur, the country's famed Pink City. Back in the 1700s, the Maharajah who built it had the palaces painted pink to emulate the sandstone monuments of the Mughals.

To show you just a few-

The Palace of Winds:

City Palace buildings:

Not pink, but I couldn't resist including this magnificent Peacock Gate:

I love the detail in these peacocks - hundreds of years old, and now back in vogue!

And here are some gorgeous pink patchwork rustic Indian wall hangings, sparkling with sequins.

In jaipur even the elephants are decorated!

Handmade puppets for street shows...

This type of jewelry is called Meenakari.

Colorful parasols in the marketplace - fit for a princess!

And some Jaipur-inspired art from AllPosters.

Jaipur artisans also make lovely blue pottery, but more on that later.

Pictures courtesy gangesindia.com, saharaglobal, travelpod.com, href="http://www.allposters.com/">allposters.com

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