Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fused plastic fantastic

Fused plastic? When I first heard that term I thought it must be some long drawn out funky process that I wouldn't be able to do. Surprise! It's only a matter of using a hot iron on the plastic (under something stick-proof, like wax-paper, of course). So a few weeks ago I played around with used plastic bags that we end up accumulating even though we use cloth bags for grocery. These are thin, thin bags, with some writing on them in black. They are the ones on big rolls under the fruit and vegetable counters.

So anyway, I fused a bunch of bags, making an 8-ply fold for each bag and ironing them together. The result was a delicate, translucent, pliable plastic. I made a bowl out of some ( maybe I can take some pictures of that when our camera feels up to the job) but from the left over pieces I made these:

I wish I had better pictures, but here goes:

OK, this picture is REALLY grainy...

Can you see the cut out plastic house? There's some of the writing showing through, which looks pretty cool.

I embellished the house by stitching all around it as well as stiching a door shape on the front, drew some tree branches, and sewed on a random, connected ovals crochet piece I had previously made. It's now a cloud!

And here's the second one I did. Here the fused plastic is the cloud, which I made by simply cutting little circles and then sewing them on to the paper in an overlapping pattern.

With more mehndi-like embellishments:

These were so much fun to make. And I liked the fact that I used up some of that plastic! Do you have a recyling story to share?

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