Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inspiring Color

I came across Kris's Color Stripes, an amazing blog with an amazing idea - she takes inspirations from things around her and creates color palettes based on them. What an incredible way to hone your color instincts!

This is such a cool idea I want to do it myself. I think it would a great lesson in really looking at what makes color combinations work, and then using those palettes in art, craft, decor or clothing. Either way it would be a great starting point in design, no matter what kind.

This is a set of three palettes she created out of pictures by Iris Velghe, who does some amazing photography, as you can see.

And one of Kris's many other sources of inspiration:

And some of her own work, available in her shop.

Hope this inspires you to seek out colors that speak to you!


Mary Jardin said...

I just looked over her blog and it's so cool how she picks up just about anything and develops a palette around it!

Azra Momin said...

YES!! I thought so too!