Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lara Cameron

Although it seems there's a small clique of fabric designers with a huge following, I am sure there are tons of indie artists we know little or nothing about who also do wonderful work.

I came across one such designer and just looking at her fabrics makes me so happy! Australian Lara Cameron's website says she is "a designer of all sorts of things - visual identities, promotional materials, websites, and last but not least textiles."

It was really hard to choose from this multi-talented artist's work, but here's a snapshot:

And here's what she makes with them:

Bags and cushions

Moo mini cards

Moo note cards

Moo stickers

Notebook covers

Letterpress cards

Beautiful, simple and inspired by nature - aren't they lovely? Check out Lara's website and her blog for more about her. There are many, many more goodies there, along with insights and tutorials.

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