Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My illustrations for the first book I was working on are finished! It's been a while since I last illustrated children's books, so I was really happy to get back into the challenge. This was also the first time I used the computer to color the pictures, and it was fun to play around with different looks without having to paint and repaint! I drew the pictures by hand, scanned them, then opened them up with Adobe Illustrator, and then converted the drawings to what's known as a Live Paint Group. This basically allows you to take each component of the drawing and then color it to your preference. I've never done this before so I learned as I went. I'd also really like to learn how to do 3D renderings, but one thing at a time!

The BabyChick I went for another walk today. It was cool but not uncomfortably so, and there were so many more new things growing. I didn't take the camera this time, though. We ran into a couple of other babies with the mommies at the park, and the LittleBug was simultaneously shy and eager as usual. She gets really excited to see other kids but is lately wanting to keep her distance and just observing them play, instead of joining in. I'm being told it's a phase, which is fine with me. I know she'll want to play when she's ready for it. For now she is very happy to just watch!

Over the weekend I was able to make guest posts for Addicted2Decorating and CraftingInColor, the two lovely blogs I occasionally write for, so that was good. I have to start on my next book soon. Can't wait!

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