Saturday, May 30, 2009


I just finished sending off the very last illustration for my third book, and I could use a break, although I'm in no mood for a party!

It's just that the BabyBug and I were doing a little painting this morning, and I somehow ended up making this piece (see below). It's a little 4"x4" canvas with nice deep sides that I've been painting and repainting and re-repainting, and finally today I just took it and had a proper go at it. Then we found ourselves doing some cutting and pasting, so I added that dimension as well. And then the Bugsy grabbed a ball pen and started scribbling on her work. Guess what? I followed suit! She is so inspirational!!!

Anyhow, this is the result. (again, see below)

And the word 'party'? I kinda jumped out when I looked at all the mayhem going on on the canvas.

Oh, and the work really is on a deep, gallery wrapped canvas. I just put it in the virtual frame coz I like to :)

Now I need some tea!


SumpinElse said...

Love this piece!

Unknown said...

Thank you, SumpinElse! It was so much fun to make.