Saturday, May 9, 2009

Speaking of chairs...

Ooh, I like beautiful, well-designed, comfy chairs, and these are so scrumptious! Right up there on my wish list.

From Vioski.

With its high, curved back, button tufting, and deep, inviting seat, the Louis Chair combines modern comfort with mid-century style. Shown with swivel base. Also available with solid maple legs and matching ottoman.

The perfect place to unfurl after a long day of work and enjoy with a favorite book or movie, the wide seat and ottoman of the Palms I provide support and extra comfort. Available with ottoman and with wood legs or a swivel.


Cao said...

You and your weird chairs. I wouldn't mind getting one if we wouldn't be short $15,000 later. Well...they don't cost that much but you know what I mean. They're nice chairs :P

Unknown said...

Hee hee - yes - me and my weird chairs! So buy me one?
*pretty please*?