Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you!

A while ago, I joined Facebook and Twitter, and discovered ( I think within a day of actual use) that hey, it seems to work great for other people, but it's not for me. At least not for now. Most likely for never. I can't wrap my head aaround tweeting about the fact that I had a muffin for breakfast, or giving people 'pokes' and 'nudges' on Facebook.

I had joined those sites to get more exposure for my Etsy shop, and for this blog. But like I said, I never used them.

My shop itself I have sorely neglected, although I hope to remedy that soon, Inshallah.

This blog I hardly ever advertize. I can't seem to find the time to go to other blogs and leave comments or do any of the other dozen thigs you can apparently do to get your blog out there. I do send out post notifications to some friends, but they are not following the blog, although they seem to be reading it (thank you all!).

And yet, and yet and yet and yet I HAVE FOLLLOWERS!! I'm not sure where you came from (except for DaddyBoy - he came from the moon), but you are here, and I thank you for it!


Cao said...

From the moon eh? How did I get to Earth? I must have secret teleportation powers I forgot about. Did you know that my "word verification" for today is "grarped"? I wonder if these are real words.

Oh and you're welcome, I love your blog. xoxoxox

Unknown said...

Grarped? Of course it's a real word. It's for when you have a grape stuck in your throat and want to barf, but can't. So yeah, it's a real word all right.

Same as timtim, bizki and gofu.

Oh,and I love your blog too.