Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yellow Chair

After a long time, the BabyFish and I did some painting together this morning. She made lovely blue squiggles, and I made this chair. I should not be lazy, and put it up on Etsy before I forget about it, since I've really neglected my store there lately. But I'd like to put it on some kind of board, and cover it up with beeswax for a diffused look...not sure when I'll get around to experimenting with that though!

Meanwhile, here it is in a virtual frame for now :)


Cao said...

Cute painting like usual. It doesn't take you very long to do these does it? I mean, you don't get any time to do anything so I can't imagine it takes long.

Love your work, babe.

Tessa said...

Very pretty!

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Very nice technique! Read your post about your new book ~ congratulations. I used a similar technique in one of's alot of fun!

Unknown said...

Thank you, all - I hope I can do more of these little sketches...soon!