Friday, June 19, 2009

Did I share these?

Here's a couple of illustrations I did recently for a book about family. They were done a few weeks ago, and I looked at them again only now, and I'm not liking the colors at all! It's funny how different your own work looks when you revisit it after a while!

I'm still learning how to draw figures as I go along my assignments. Sometimes I think it would have been good to take some sort of art lessons! Also, I'm using very basic coloring in Illustrator, and I really need to learn how to do some fancy stuff. Right now it's all so new, though, and I never seem to have the time to sit down and learn a few things about Illustrator. All my learning is happening as I'm doing the actual work, so I don't have much opportunity to play around - those deadlines are always looming!


Cao said...

Your new drawings are cute as always. Ummm yes.

Unknown said...

Ummm, thanks!

Umar Shaikh said...

The drawings look NICE :)
Ummm, you know, I have not got a chance to catch up with you on these books that you have written.
Where, when and how can I get them :)


Unknown said...

Oh no, Umaiirrr - I haven't wriiten these books - I'm only illustrating them. A team of writes in Virginia is writing them, mostly in Arabic. Then they are rendered into English, and illustrated. I've done three so far but there are other artists in the team as well.

I haven't yet received the printed copies myself, so not sure what the end product looks like. Will let you know when they're ready, Inshallah.

Glad you like the drawings!