Friday, August 7, 2009

Blue + Green = Lovely!

One of my most favorite color combos is blue and green together. Since there is so much blue and green in nature I guess it's inevitable. Anyhow, I did this little sketch yesterday while painting with the BabyDragon, and although I painted it with the drop like shapes on the top. I quite liked it when I turned it upside down! Now it's like a bunch of submerged water droplets in a bluey green pond, and the blue that was actually water is now the sky.

I actually took the time to list this one, and you can get it in my shop!


Green Hand Studio said...

lovely paintings! and blog.
Thanks for partecipating to my blog's thread.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Barbara!

Anonymous said...

Those are one of my favorite color combos too. I like your description... hey stranger things can happen! Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

Thanks, STUFF!