Friday, September 11, 2009

Ask The Sun

How long before we need warm woolies?
Yesterday on my walk to the park with BubbleToes I couldn't help noticing the advent of Fall.  The coolness in the air, the big clusters of cumulus clouds, the vivid blue of the sky, and of course, the leaves turning.
This painting is cherishing the memories of summer, while saying hello to Fall!
Look for it in my shop soon.  (I hope.)


Anonymous said...

What a beaut! I'm SO FREAKIN' HAPPY that it is almost my favorite season! (Fall, not Hurricane Season!)

Azra Momin said...

Fall is a huge hit with pretty much everyone, isn't it?

Barbara said...

Fabulous painting!

Christie Burnett said...

Wow, that is beautiful.


Azra Momin said...

Thank you, Barbara and Christie!