Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ocean In A Box

When we lived close to the sea, everytime I went to the beach I had the wild thought of somehow capturing the sea, the breeze and the atmosphere in a box to take home with me. That way I'd always have the sea with me, especially the pink and orange sunsets!

Once again, I started with a photograph of an acrylic painting I did on stretched canvas.  Then I digitally manipulated the colors and added several elements like the text (Korean - and I wish I knew what it means!), the blue and green bars, the turquoise fragmented area in the bottom, the circle and the hazy shapes on the right.  As well, the lovely vinatge illustration of the flower. 

I got a test print done, and it looks good enough to eat!  The pinks and the oranges together with the intense blues - yum!

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Anonymous said...

Bright and Sun-sational! Love hearing about your process.

Unknown said...

Thank you, dear Fresh!

Julia said...

Very nice!