Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This one's for you, Fresh!

In my last post I was wondering whether I should stick to my favorite medium for orchids - watercolors - or try doing some in my other favorite medium - acrylics - with which I've never painted orchids.  My dear blog follower Fresh suggested I just have a go at it, so I did!  Here's looking at you, kid!

This little chunky canvas was sitting around that the BabyBot and I had previously covered in pages from a vintage, actually antique, book, a deliciously decrepit copy of The Canada Book of Prose And Verse, published in 1927.  I would have hated to tear sheets from this book if it hadn't already been falling apart.

So, anyhow, there's a story there by Archer Wallace, called The Great Physician, and it contains a verse with the line "I have loved no darkness".   It was entirely by chance that I had these lines right on top, so that's the part I left unpainted.  It just seemed appropriate.

I think it came it came out pretty decent - but I hope the next one is better!


Julia said...

I think it is a beautiful piece. And the quote at the top works nicely!

Cao said...

Make sure babybot doesn't get her hands on it now or you'll never see it again. She thinks the same way as mommy in the sense that she likes to put things somewhere and totally forget later on where she put them.

"Honey, where is the remote control?"

Somehow she ends up putting it in fridge or something.

Oh and I like your painting too, it's "choata choata", is that how you spell it?

Unknown said...

Thank you, Julie! I looked at it again just now, and it is MUCH better than the pics, even if I say so myself. I took those pics last night and they really don't do justice to the rich colors...

Robyn said...

I really like how this turned out. And the quote is great.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Robyn!

Green Hand Studio said...

It came really beautiful!.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry, I JUST NOW saw this!

I LOVE THAT PAINTING! You're a wiz with paint, my dear. The orchid becomes a design over the text. I love the paint over the texture of the paper.

And I adore book page collages.