Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fine Art Photos

The latest listings in my shop are not paintings, but photographs that I've taken but never thought about selling.  But these are pretty nice for the shop, I thought, so I've listed the first three, and hope to put the others up soon too. 

(Listing Genie, where are you??)

Bangles from a trip to India earlier this year.

Foxgloves in our patio, long gone of course...

Geranium leaf from one of my four geranium pots.  This was right after I had watered them.  That leaf texture looks so much like suede!

Rose of Sharon, also from the patio.  They are purple actually, not this deep pink that I made them.

And dreamy white flowers from a tree by the lake.  The stamens are actually yellow, not pink, and I added those fuzzy yellow blobs as well.


Cao said...

Cool funky colored photos. Good job Mommygirl.

Abdullah said...

hey.... these r awesummm :) even the kitty u posted later is cute :) especially the one in red!!! :) hehe... uber cool

Green Hand Studio said...

the photos are great! I am sure they will be succesful in your shop!
Bytheway didn't you say that you did not have green fingers?? From the flowers you have in your patio it doesnt look like!

Unknown said...

Thanks Abdullah!

Unknown said...

I think I just got lucky with that garden, Barbara. My dad put in all the hard work when he visited!

Saimese said...

I love the picture of the geranium leaf!