Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recent Work

It's definitely Fall here now - the trees are all getting decked in their flaming finery, the sun is warm and toasty, the breeze has just the slightest nip in it.  And if that wasn't enough confirmation, DaddyBoy went and got himself a can of hot chocolate, and that, my friends, seals the deal!

We haven't seen the sun in quite a few days here, or I haven't been home when it did come out, so it's been very difficult to take good pictures of what I've been doing lately.  The colors are so much deeper and brighter in the original paintings, but until I can get better pictures here they are - all three are acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

I call this one "Night Garden", with its mysteriously deep tones of smoky blues and greens and reds.

This one just vibrates with energy, which I am unable to capture in a picture.  The blue shapes simply pulsate against the red-orange background, and the grille design I painted in the corner somehow stabilizes it, or you could literally hear this piece buzzing!

Orange for joy and energy, pink for hope and innocence, a row of balloons for my little NanoBot!

I've managed to get Night Garden up in the store, but I should really work on my inventory there.
It's just that I hate the whole chore of listing something in the shop - I wish I could just paint and somehow magically have everything listed!  Wouldn't that be nice?


Green Hand Studio said...

I love these 3 paintings, they are so energetic. Very different from the pastels and delicate colors you made me used to.
They are perfect for the winter days!!
hugs barbara

Anonymous said...

Love love love LOVE these!!!
The play of shape, pattern and hue is so nice. Very push-pull Hans Hoffman kind of thing. I needed some energy!

Unknown said...

Barbara and April - you guys are the best pick-me-up I need! Thanks a million for the encouraging words!


Cao said...

Yes, Daddyboy needs his hot chocolate for Winter.

Like usual, love the paintings, babe. Sometimes I prefer the simpler looking paintings...not to say this wasn't hard work or anything.

Oh and sometimes I wish animating was as simple as just imaging it in my head and somehow it exported onto my computer.

Unknown said...

Thank you, DaddyBoy - I know what you mean! But I guess the end result is worth it when all your fans give you five stars for your videos!

Saimese said...

Oooh, hot chocolate. I need to pick up some After Eight hot chocolate.. it's one of my favourite things about this season!

Absolutely LOVE these paintings! They will bring energy to any room that they're placed in. Haven't really seen other paintings by you that are so vibrant, but I quite like them