Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When the BabyBug was to be born, I seriously considered a water birth.  I can't recall now why I didn't go through with it, and just opted for a regular home delivery, but a water birth would have been cool! I'm being transported back in time when as a kid I read Charles Kingsley's Water Babies again and again with undying fascination.  It wasn't even my book!  Gotta get a copy for myself now!

So, anyway, a few minutes ago DaddyBoy had the Bugsie on his lap, and he was telling her about how he would be taking her swimming soon, and I was sitting at my computer right beside them, and well, I got thinking about water.

And this happened!  I call it Water - Three Ways.   Pools, puddles, streams, raindrops and rivulets - it has them all!

Will take a test print and see if it's Etsy-worthy, but on screen it looks amazingly vibrant!


Cao said...

This one is very animated, lots of cool stuff going on. Daddyboy likes it :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, DaddyBoy - I was only doodling, to be honest.