Sunday, October 25, 2009


Something weird's happened!  I'm in Houston since the 24th of October, and I made a whole bunch of posts that I scheduled for publishing every couple of days that I was here.  That way my blog would be updated even if I didn't log on, which is exactly the case, by the way - I'm hardly ever going online.  For the first time in several years all my family is together, ecxept for DaddyBoy, unfortunately.  You can probably imagine what it's like, especially with three little kids running around all the time.

So anyway, I thought I had it all covered.  Until just now. 

I log in and find all those posts still sitting in my folder as drafts. 


I had never mentioned my Houston trip before because it was a surprise for my parents and I thought putting it on the blog was a big risk.  They were surprised all right, but so was I when I just discovered all those posts lseeping in my folder.

More arrrrggghh.

So if at all you were wondering why I suddenly disappeared, now you know!

A giant, candy fountain...
...or something like it!


Barbara said...

How were you planning to have them posted automatically???
Is there a feature in blogspot that i dont know??

Anonymous said...

I am not little! (By the way i'm Fatima)