Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please Share Your Thoughts!

This takes a bit longer than you might think, but it's so worth the effort.
I've stitched rows of lace and trimmimgs on to paper using metallic threads, and then embellished them with sequins and cord. I made one all golden, and one all silvery white, and I can't decide which one I like better!
The last piece was crazy-quilted on to paper using whatever my hand reached first, and then also embellished with sequins and a big hand-swen mirror.

The pieces have come out gorgeous, and I love how mounting them on canvas and then mounting that canvas on to a bigger canvas presents them in an eye-catching but understated way.
They look far better in person and are wonderful accessories for any room, as well as being amazing, unique gift items!

Gold on gold on gold - fit for a princess!

My favorite colors - all shades of white - there are six different whites in there.  This would look fabulous in an all-white room.

A more abstract, free-stitched piece, with white and gold and silver all together.  So there, that was all the stitching I spoke about yesterday.  Please share your thoughts!


Cao said...

I like the Golden one the best, the other ones are very good too. The white one looks like a cake almost, like you could eat it.

Are you going to do a series of these?

Unknown said...

You do? You always surprise me! I'd like to do a whole lot more of these - there's so much to learn and experiment with, like embroidery on top - but I'd better work a bit on my book as well before the publisher starts asking difficult questions!

Green Hand Studio said...

the 3 are fabulous!
But i love the third one because it is not so in order like the first 2.
I like it cause it is more messy!

Unknown said...

The third one was done first, and was the most challenging one. That's the kind I want to do more of, and load it up even more with stuff and get all that stuff all entangled with it itself. Messy, like you said!

saadiya said...

I LOVE the third one.. for its uniqueness and entangledness
the other two are fab too ..
Please make a series :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Saadiya - I hope to!