Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sew Much Going On!

Okay, that's a pretty bad pun.  But I did do some sewing today, after struggling with my machine for more than an hour.  See, the poor little thing is usually consigned to hibernation, and then I pull it out and expect it to work like a charm.  Not fair!  Anyway, after losing two or three needles in er...accidents, I managed to get the thing going.  What did I make?  That's for my next post.  (Coz I don't have any pics yet!).  But it came out pretty cool, I think.

What I'd LIKE to make is this:


I just don't recall where I found it though, but what a fabulously stylish coat that is.

Anyway, what I made is not wearable at all, it's for the walls.  There, that was a big clue.

In other news, ever since I got back from Houston, I've been dashing around like crazy.  Three days after I returned I had to submit 12 paintings to a cute gallery in the area.  It's called The Happy Place, very appropriately!  Then two days after that I took part (or rather five of my paintings did) in the Niagara Region Orchid Show.  It's mostly for orchid growers but they also exhibit orchid-themed art. 

Annnnd, one of my orchid paintings won a ribbon! 

Next up is the Niagara Etsy Artisans Team show at the end of this month, and I'm trying to get some work together for that.  It'll be so cool to meet other Etsians in the area!

I'm also working on illustrating yet another book.  This one has 25 pictures, and I'm wishing I had more hours in my day!

The NanoBot is in the midst of all this, of course.  She advises me on color choices, and gives me the okay on my drawings.  She even helped me run the sewing machine today, my little elf.

Links and pictures in my next post, I hope!


Saadiya said...

phew! long list of exhibitions! Im so happy for yur ribbon.. which painting was it?
was busy myself , got baby pics last night.. Im forwding right now.. enjoy ;)

Unknown said...

Good to see you online again, Saadiya! Yes, I'm working hard :)

Loved the baby pics - he looks a lot like Assem!

Cao said...

I like your new fabric work, they're very different. I notice you never stick to a trend or style of work, you're always experimenting, which I think is cool.

Unknown said...

Yeah - I was so afraid of my own versatlity before, always thinking my work doesn't have a stamp that says 'Azra Momin' on it. But I'm learning to embrace the variety of my work, and not suppress it.