Saturday, December 19, 2009

Links On Blog?

A silly post about nothing:

How do you put links on your blog to make it look like a website?

I'm not getting the chance to sit down and figure out the html, so anyone know a short-cut method I could use? 

That's all!


Miranda said...

Well on blogger you can hit the "link" button when you are typing up a new post. All you have to do is provide the url and it does the rest I believe. Though if you wanted to do html it's not too hard either.

Replace the () with <>
(a href="link")name(/a)

Hope that helps! :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Miranda! Although, if you're talking about adding links into the post using the link button, yes, I do that all the time.

What I'm looking for is to make my blog look like a website by adding links on top that go to other pages like About and Contact and Gallery - that kinda stuff...

Miranda said...

There is a link widget you can add on blogger. You can add links that way. If you want a more customized feel though you would have to know html and do it through your blog layout I suppose. I think the Blogger link widget would be just fine though, that is what most bloggers use. Hope that helps.

Unknown said...

uhhhh - I'm still not sure I know what to do, but I really will give it a shot. Thank you again, Miranda!