Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Fabric Jewelry

My forays into fabric were super-popular at the show, and sold before I even took pictures, so I made some more.

These pieces have layer upon layer of fabrics machine and handstitched together, and embellished with hand embroidery, beads, lace, trims, fabric flowers I made, netting, buttons, cabochons, shells - just about anything, even crochet flowers I'd made a while back.

Assymetrical, bohemian and FUN!

I've let all the frayed edges and the handstitching become a part of the piece to celebrate its handemade-ness.

Each piece is unrepeatable and one-of-a-kind!

Afternoon Tea - Fabric Cuff Bracelet

A cool Spring day. a white cotton dress and this on your wrist. Tea in bone china and cucmber sandwiches...mmm.

Rendezvous At The Taj
Evocative of the colors of Mughal palaces with rich shades of magenta, turquoise, gold and mother-of-pearl, fit for a modern-day princess.
This fabric locket is more than an inch wide and about two inches long from bail to bottom bead, and extremely light around the neck.

Now to make some more!


Cao said...

How come you're so cute? I'm baffled by the cuteness...good thing I married you before some other full fledged nerd did.

Oh and I like the bracelets too, you're always finding something new and creative to do.

Green Hand Studio said...

Azra, you are right we must be on the same inpirational wave with this textile jewellery.
Yours looks fabulous!
I love the pendent, especially, i think it would be gourgeos as well on a brass vintage chain!!
I did some new photos of the textile jewellery I did, Take a look at my blog if oyu have time and tell me what you think!
hugs barbara

Taskeen said...

Hey,your textile jewellery is amazing.I wonder why don't people (living) in india design something so light and wearable!
How about designing shoes?I couldnt help suggesting.I think i have a bad shoe fetish.

Taskeen said...

I wish i could get some of those designer genes in me;)

Unknown said...

Salam alaikum, Taskeen! Are you my little Taskeen from Poona, or someone else? Whoever you are, thank you for the sweet comment! Shoes are a fabulous idea - but I can't say I have clue about designing those! I guesss I could make some uppers, if a pro sho person could do the rest. That way at least the ergonomics would be right!

Unknown said...

Thank you, DaddyBoy! Thank you, Barbara - I did leave a comment on your blog, and your work is amazing as usual! Hugs!