Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perpetual Astonishment

For months (months!!!)  I've had a painting hanging in our living room - unfinished.  No one seemed to be able to tell, but everytime I looked at it I cringed.  I knew I needed to work on it, but that canvas is two feet square.  I didn't want to do it section by section.  It would look so weird, plus I don't work like that.  So it languished there on the wall.  In this state:

This is a very bad shot, and not taken in natural light, but you get the picture.
So yes, I just stopped looking at it.  Lately though, I've been working with my sewing machine, and really enjoying it too.  Ironically, making fabric jewelry somehow inspired me to get back to this painting, and two days ago I just pulled it down and finished it - just like that!

And in a matter of hours, this is what it became:

Our wall just got a makeover!!!

I've replaced a lot of my favorite turquoise (which is color of the year this year!) with intense red and orange, but it's making the blue pop even more.

I call it Perpetual Astonishment (you'll find out why!), and you can get it here.

Naturally, all that painting has inspired me with more fabric jewelry ideas.  Weird, huh?

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